Infolinks presents the new plugin for WordPress publishers

Infolinks, the leading In Text advertising provider, is a premium sponsor of WordCamp Chicago.

Infolinks, the leading In Text advertising provider, is a premium sponsor of WordCamp Chicago. Infolinks encourages online freedom of speech by allowing bloggers and websites owners to turn their content into money with double underlined In Text ads. WordCamp Chicago is the natural choice for Infolinks to officially launch its new plugin for WordPress Publishers.  Please stop by and give them a round of applause and great big thanks for their generous sponsorship and support of the WP community.

Infolinks In Text ads complete the contextual advertising experience, initiated by AdSense, by providing the next generation of Pay Per Click advertising to online content publishers worldwide. In Text ads look just like regular hyperlinks – but there’s a big difference. You’ll notice a double underline on certain keywords within your website’s text. Hover your mouse over one of these links and voila, an In Text ad bubble will appear that relates directly to the keyword in question. If the customer is interested in learning more about the product or service being offered, they simply click on the ad bubble to go to the advertiser’s site. In text advertising works on a PPC model, which means that each time a website visitor click on an Infolinks bubble the websites owner, get paid.

The new Infolinks Plugin enables WordPress publishers to integrate In Text ads in seconds without using any extra website real estate. These highly relevant user triggered ads are displayed in the content of the site, ensuring record high conversion rates and higher advertising revenues.  This brand new plugin makes monetizing WordPress sites with Infolinks almost effortless.

As the premium sponsor of WordCamp Chicago, Infolinks promises to make it an unforgettable event.  To stay up to date and learn about Infolinks’s fun WordCamp plans, follow them on Twitter and become a fan of their popular Facebook page.

WordCamp Chicago is very happy to welcome our newest sponsor, Infolinks.  You will be hearing a great deal more about Infolinks between now and our event in June – – additionally, Infolinks has some really fantastic and fun surprises for all attendees of WordCamp Chicago.  You are going to have to see it to believe it!  Here’s a hint:  it involves basketball and shootin’ hoops!

Infolinks joins the WordCamp Chicago team as a Platinum level sponsor and we would like to extend a very, very warm welcome and thank you for their support of our event.  They are big fans and supporters of the WordPress platform and we’re more than a little happy that they have come on board to help make this event a great success!

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