Guest Blog: Better Late Than Never

I hate being late. Can’t stand it. Little did I know as I set out for 2011 WordCamp Chicago that part of my route — Lake Shore Drive was closed.

That meant a lot of detouring and teeth gnashing to finally end up at my destination, The DePaul University Student Center.  To my relief, I was only 15 minutes late for the first session on the user side.

I’m not yet a WordPress impressario, only having recently made the transition from another blogging platform, but was duly impressed with the breath and scope of speakers and the topics they covered.

From learning just a bit more about the hidden coding behind some wannabe WordPress themers to favorable SEO and analytics, I’m feeling pretty good about this new community and my yet-to-be-launched website.

This information couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m smiling.

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