Sponsor Spotlight: For Dummies (Wiley Publishing)

For Dummies, Wiley Publishing, WordCamp ChicagoWiley Publishing is the powerhouse publishing company behind the wildly popular “For Dummies” series of books.  Have you ever noticed that there is a “Dummies” book for almost every single thing?  I was in the store the other day and saw a Dummies book for baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie!  Now THAT is a book I could have written – – just the testing and research alone would have make the effort completely worth it!

The folks at Dummies.com, and Wiley Publishing, are one of our generous sponsors of WordCamp Chicago and I want ot take this opportunity to give them a big shout out and THANKS!  The sponsors of WordCamp Chicago, including the “For Dummies” folks at Wiley Publishing, are the driving force behind organizing an event like this.  Their generosity helps pay for things like the venue, equipment, catering, set up, name badges and any other cool stuff that we are able to feature at the WordCamp Chicago event.

Wiley Publishing has recently, completely, revamped the Dummies.com website and you’ll want to check it out!  Much like their “Dummies” books, their website is just full of helpful information and resources – everything from articles and videos about working with Microsoft Excel, How to fix holes in your drywall, Putting out kitchen fires to all sorts of information regarding your time spent on the internet – including some relevant information to WordCamp folks like:

As per their usual method, the Dummies.com site is geared towards everyone from novice level on up and (successfully) puts their instructions and terminology in ‘everyday’ language that everyone can understand and learn from.

Small disclaimer here – Wiley Publishing is the company behind my own book:  WordPress For Dummies – 1st and 2nd edition.  I can tell you from personal experience in working with Wiley that they are greatly invested and have embraced the entire web experience. You’ll find them writing blogs, conversing on Twitter, participating on Facebook and overall taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer a successful publishing company.

Big thanks to Wiley, and Dummies.com, for helping us sponsor WordCamp Chicago!  Wiley has a nice little surprise for WordCamp Chicago attendees once you get there – – you just have to get there!

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